Marriage & Relationship Counselling

Relationships take many forms – straight, gay, pairs, triads, open or include multiple partners. All relationships can fall prey to periods of difficulty where trust can break down, communication becomes difficult, sex loses its allure, children change the entire dynamic, or the whole project can lose its sense of meaning and purpose. People change and develop, and often the relationship framework can fail to change too and thereby fail to accommodate the changes.

I myself have been married to the same partner for 27 years, raised three children, and we are constantly growing in love for each other. This is not an accident or luck.  This is my third marriage - I fell off the bicycle many times before learning how to build and maintain loving relationships. There are some simple skills and principles that are seldom if ever taught, none of them rocket science, and which make the biggest difference.
Science and practical experience both show that there are 5 key criteria for love relationships to thrive and to create and mainatin confluent love.

They are Disclosure, Equality, Trust, Autonomy, Integration of Lusts – D.E.T.A.I.L. Confluent Love Therapy (CLT) gets under the bonnet of your relationships to identify how these core factors are affecting whatever is troubling you. Working separately with me at first, and then in sessions together you will learn and experience what confluent love is, how to build it, and how to maintain it. Then we will thoroughly audit your relationship, and relationships to rediscover a purpose that will benefit all parties. Sometimes a relationship may have simply run its course. In that case moving on with the skills needed to create the loving relationships you crave in the future, and with each other’s blessing, will be at your fingertips after working through this method.

Contact me for a free introductory session together – if you then feel that CLT is for you, and you have confidence and trust in me as your therapist, we can set everything up from there.