Anxiety and Phobias

"fear is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master"

Without fear, we would be a danger to ourselves and to others.
Fear helps us stay alive - it also works very effectively - if you are about to be hit by a bus it makes you jump out of the way if you are about to fall over a cliff it stops you running any further - it does both without you having to think about it. In fact, it has to be quicker than thought - thinking takes precious time, and in a sudden emergency, time can be the difference between life and death. Fear as a servant is a wonderful friend - we do not have to be on guard 24 hours a day when we trust it to be activated when needed. Generalised anxiety is when the things we fear are not obvious at all - we just have this angst that something could happen from anywhere at any moment. It is exhausting and disabling.
We can find ourselves worrying incessantly about all sorts of possible scenarios, braced for something unexpected and awful to happen. Our natural danger spotting mechanisms are up and watching all the time. Sometimes our response to danger comes up out of nowhere and causes our hearts to race, our breathing to deepen, our adrenalin to surge - and before we know it we are panicking at a danger that is not there, but everything about us is fighting to survive.
These are learned responses that have become automated - and our lessons in life at an earlier stage in our lives has trained us like Ninja warriors (without their wisdom) to be 'ever ready', to see danger everywhere, to worry over simple things as if they are life-threatening. Hypnotherapy can provide a shortcut to the source of the issue, and Deep Trance Therapy combines hypnosis with cognitive techniques to reprogramme your anxiety triggers so that they work appropriately.
Phobias are fear reactions that are triggered inappropriately because the unconscious mind has at some time in the past misread a situation and linked a perception of an object, place or person with a danger response - it really is that simple.
The problem with the subconscious mind is that unless the trigger is changed where it resides (i.e. out of conscious awareness) it will remain there alive and kicking off a response every time the object, place or person appears. Triggers can be anything from peas to heights, snakes to water, strangers to open spaces, the future to the past.

 Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and our Deep Trance Therapy blended approach enable the deprogramming and reprogramming of the phobic response to be conducted quickly and efficiently and to uncover the source of our chronic anxiety and survival responses that lie behind worry and panic attacks.